Worship Ceremony for new medicine manufacturing building

23:10     15/11/2016

May 10th 2016, Mr. ภควัต เกาก่อสกุล, with his wife and family attend the worship ceremony for new medicine manufacturing building hence we believed that “pillar” is the firm structure of the building as same as in business.

 At the ceremony, we brought “Jade bracelet” which is our company symbol.

The purpose of this new building is to extend the production to serve customer demand.

Our product is needed in the market and sometimes we cannot deliver the product to serve our customer demand hence the production power is not enough.

Therefore, new building will be constructed on 1,600 Sq Mts. With the various or production line.

eg. Pills, capsule and balm.

This could help manage the problems and provide market channel to our customer.

The building is set to be done at Mid of 2017