22:58     15/11/2016

PHOYOK HERB CO., LTD would like to introduce our new product to you. 

Analgesic Herbal Balm “Pana Phlai” Traditional Medicine, hot formula,
Traditional Medicine Registration Number G87/59

For the product various and access to customer group that has bone and muscle problem,

we create new herb product in special formula.

Its outstanding ability is give you the heat for long time in a short time, it suits to the patient that have chronic pain includes bone ache when the weather is cold.

The product has good smell as the identity of PHOYOK and makes you relax.


The caution of this Herbal medicine is
- Do not use with children lower than 12 years old
- Do not apply on soft tissue skin.
- Clean your hands every time after using the product

In case of product interesting, please contact Te. 02 539 5867