PHOHERB Products

22:37     15/11/2016

September 11st 2015, PHOHERB Herbal wax

Was approved in traditional registration, registration number G 402/58

This brought happiness to our company.

In the coming time, our company plans to distribute product named “PHOHERB” in 2 types.
Here it is the detail information.



Notification receipt number: 10-1-5732024


This type was distributed previously in 50g. size. From now on, we would like to inform you that

We has distributed 15g. product size also.

Type 1 could be sold in drug store or general store due to PHOYOK HEBAL wax has its purpose to relieves muscular aches and pain by apply and massage on the pains and aches in muscles. Not the purpose of medical treatment.



Type 2 : PHOHERB HERBAL BALM (Traditional Medicine)

Notification receipt number: G 402/58



Type 2 was produced in form of traditional medicine to response to drug store customer group.

Therefore, our customer can be sure that our product is clean, safe and qualified from FDA.

In addition can relieve muscle pain and bug bites.

Both 2 types was provided in 2 sizes; 15g. and 50g.