PHOYOK HERB Information

22:09     15/11/2016

PHOYOK HERB CO., LTD has the product name “PHOYOK HERB” in 2 types

Notification receipt number: 10 - 1 - 5724998


Drug registration number: G321/58

The 2 types of product have different target customer market group.
Type 1 can be sold in drug store or general store due to PHOYOK HEBAL wax has its purpose to relieves muscular aches and pain by apply and massage on the pains and aches in muscles. Not the purpose of medical treatment.


 Type 2 was produced in form of traditional medicine to response to drug store customer group. Therefore, our customer can be sure that our product is clean, safe and qualified from FDA. In addition can relieve muscle pain and bug bites.


You may find or spot our product in both types, which was produced from our factory company. Not the fake or copied one.
Our company added the mark as below


1.  Bulging stamp on both type



Bulging stamp on 2 positions as “Trademark” and “PHOYOK” text. Our customer can check whether it is fake or not by patting on the position.

If not sure, please look inside the book. If you find it same as below picture, be sure that it is the product from our company.



2.  Add ® symbol above the trademark in 3 positions.