22:03     15/11/2016

 PHOYOK CO., LTD would like to inform you about the change of containing box


The company would put “PHOYOK” trademark instead of using “PHOYOK” text in previously as pictures below Since June 13rd 2015 and soon.



In addition, we add the Rigisterd Trademark at the bottle cover.

To prevent product copying and misunderstanding among the customer.
The mentioned trademark would be used in 50g. Herbal balm cover
And 15g. at later time.


We would like to inform about the containing box as below

Currently, the containing box that is used for shipping has 3 types.


No. 1

For containing 150 bottles (50 packs)



No. 2

For containing 432 bottles (144 packs)



No. 3
For containing 162 bottles (54 packs) and 144 bottles (36 packs)