Litigation in copying products

21:57     15/11/2016


“PHOYOK HERB” and “PHOHERB HERBAL” are the intellectual property of “PHOYOK HERB CO., LTD”
and legally passed the process of laws.


The copy, re-made or modified is prohibited. If the contravention is found,

we will go through the legal and laws term immediately.


Above picture show the copy product that we found in the market
Which break the laws in selling spool, email and manufacturing imposter includes intellectual property infringement.


Product falsify from the unapproved manufacturing.

Currentl, our product has change some in packaging detail to prevent the copying.
If you found the marks as below, please be sure that it’s genuine one.


No. 1 : The front packaging


No. 2
3 positions of our trademark.

No. 3
There will be our product leaflet in the package box.

จุดที่ 4

  Cover and bottom of our product



No. 5
The address must include “website” and “email”



No. 6




No. 7
Manufacturing and expired date



If you found any product in the market not follows 7 marks as above. Please inform us at Tel. 02 539 5867 or via our web board. We will check and go through the laws and legal terms immediately both for manufacturer and seller.