About us

Mr Phakawat Kaokosakun, Chairman of Directors’ board in Phoyok Herbs Co., Ltd. He wanted to produce ointment for Chinese tourist who visit Thailand. However, it is quite difficult to make a product acceptable to the market with such high quality and standard. But that did not stop Mr. Phakawat from achieving his dream, instead it pushes him to strive harder to make his product acceptable. He brought herbal wax to his friend who worked as a guide for Chinese tourist as a trial and had received very positive results from the users. The herbal wax was able to be used as inhalant or rub on various part of the body to achieve relaxation. The users were quite impressed with the product, and gain popularity via word of mouth. At the beginning, only a couple hundred bottles were sold per day but currently thousands have been ordered and the number still increases each day. It has now been 7 years since “Phoyok Herbs Company Limited” started and we will continue to grow and improve endlessly.